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Fit & Strong! @Home (Online Fitness Program)

Our @Home program makes it easy for seniors to participate in the same evidence-based program from their place of residence.

The @Home program adheres to the same core set of standards that ensure a maximum benefit to all participants while including features that facilitate online participation.

Core Program Features
  • Evidence-based program
  • Designed to promote physical activity and
    behavior change for persons with osteoarthritis
  • 24 Sessions – 90 minutes each
  • First 60 minutes focus on flexibility, low-impact aerobics, and lower body function
  • Final 30 minutes focus on health education and group problem solving
  • Participants develop personalized action plans
  • Designed to be effective, fun, and engaging
Fit & Strong! @Home
  • Accessible from laptops, tablets, and smart phones
  • Zoom-based fitness sessions
  • Full suite of online resources for instructors and participants
  • Web-based video exercise demos
  • Web-based pre and post-class questionnaires
  • Web-based participant manuals and exercise logs
  • Build your fitness community online

The Fit & Strong! @Home web portal is where instructors and participants find all the resources they need to engage online.

Go to Fit & Strong! @Home Web Portal