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I want to offer Fit & Strong! Heading link

Photo: Fitness Class

Implementing a new evidence-based program requires time, commitment, and resources.  The following “Implementation Guides” will help you prepare to offer Fit & Strong! in your setting:

Once you have determined that offering Fit & Strong! in your community is the right move for your organization, you’ll find it’s easy to offer this low-cost, evidence-based program. Providers just need to follow the steps listed below:

  1. Register to offer Fit & Strong! A Fit & Strong! staff member will then contact you to describe the program and discuss implementation, timeline, etc.
  2. Recruit participants and develop a contact list of interested participants.
  3. Enroll the first 20 participants in your first offering of Fit & Strong!
  4. Recruit a certified exercise instructor to register for Fit & Strong! instructor training.
  5. Obtain the equipment.
  6. Schedule the class and make copies of the evaluation and attendance forms.