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What people are saying about Fit & Strong!

Provider Image

Providers talk about Fit & Strong!

“The program truly empowers and inspires people to go physically beyond what they thought was possible.  The program prompts a change in attitude and lifestyle through stability and consistency. All the participants leave with a new found confidence in their health and physical abilities.“

“The Fit & Strong! Program has been a wonderful program for our seniors.  It is amazing to see participants who have not exercised in a while become more aware of the benefits of physical fitness.  The program is a wonderful entree to our daily fitness activities at the Atlas Center.  It has been a pleasure to work with the Fit & Strong! team!”

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Here’s what instructors are saying about Fit & Strong!

“I’ve observed three classes begin the Fit & Strong! program very uncertain of their individual physical abilities. I also had the pleasure to watch them walk out the door; empowered, strong, educated, and healthier individuals.  The participants all walk away with deep friendships with their classmates and a sense of accomplishment though teamwork.  Most of the participants have continued the strive for health by joining new exercise classes at the Senior Center after the programs finale!“

“As an instructor, I will praise the program for its usability and its proven results.  The program has added another level to our exercise programming at the Senior Center.  We are blessed to be able to implement an evidence based program such as Fit & Strong! that has proven to improve the quality of life.“

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What do participants say about Fit & Strong!?

“It has really helped my arthritis and I have less pain. I feel like getting up and doing something. I like doing housework and view it now as a form of exercise.”

“70 years old and Fit & Strong! What more could I ask for? The Fit & Strong! program has become and essential to my everyday living. It has infiltrated my every movement nad thought. What a difference eight solid weeks of exercise has made. You cannot ask for a more information, action-packed program taught by people who are in the know. It has changed me and I am better for it.”

“We were taught exercises in a simplified manner which could be incorporated into our daily lives at any given time. The instructors taught what can be used throughout our lives.”

“My bone density was higher than my last visit.”

“My cholesterol level went from 225 down to 190 since starting Fit & Strong!”